It seems as though we are being guided north by some of the Arctic’s residents! There are fulmars which look similar to gulls but have a smaller, rounded face. Interestingly, they defend their nests from intruders by spitting out a foul-smelling oil! The large gannets have an unmistakable yellow head and slender body. Great skuas and long tailed skuas are joining us too. The long tailed skua is the smallest and (we think) the most beautiful of all the skua species (but are also the most difficult to get a good picture of!). Stay posted for more attempts at bird photography!

All of these birds feed, to some extent, on the zooplankton we too are searching for – lets hope we can keep guiding each other!

Gannets soar above us, often in groups.
A fulmar enjoying the breeze
A gang of gannets!!
Heading north, net frame at the ready on the aft deck.

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